Opening Ceremony & Welcome Address
Airborne System Interconnection & Information Integration, Realize The Civil Avionics Technological Industry Reform And Systematic Reengineering
Test Flight And Airworthiness Certification Of Avionics System For Domestic Civil Aircraft
New Avionics Technology Upgrades for Future Civil Aircraft – Making Flight Safer
Coffee Break
Enhance The Independent Design And Integration Ability Of Large Civil Aircraft Avionics System, Enhance The Core Competitiveness Of Aircraft OEMs
Guirong Zhou
Industry Development HighlightsVirtualization Technology, Main Driving Force Of Avionics System Development In The Future
Luncheon & Break
IMA Systems Combined Failure / Best practice / Extreme Condition Simulation
The Development Direction & Application Scenario Of Avionics System For Wide-Body Aircraft In The Future
Application Of MBSE MethodEffectively Improve The Development Capability Of Airborne System And Equipment
Technical Standards For "FACE" And Solutions To Enhance R&D Capability Of Airborne Complex Systems
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Detailed Design And Planning Of Airborne HUD Systems For Advanced Commercial Aircraft In The Future
Joint Design Idea of Avionics System For CR929 Long-range Wide-body Aircraft
Accelerate The Construction Of Cockpit Systems Division – Systematically Improve The Service Support Capability Of Civil Avionics
Activity Promote The Integration Of Airborne GNC DivisionGive Full Play To Complementary Resources And Realize Efficient Division Of Labor
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Future industry Development Trend-optimizing Multi-core Processors Applications in Avionics
Big Data Demand, The Driving Force of Avionics Refit Market
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R&D Application of Automatic Test Equipment for Helicopter
Automated Robot Test on Cockpit Avionic System
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